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Home Health Care Aide Bloomfield CT Considerations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing people into isolation, it’s a good time to take into consideration of the emotional as well as physical health of your family. As per experts, the pandemic has changed the way the home health care aide Bloomfield CT works and the standard operating procedures and the services it offers. It has expanded the market for home healthcare providers, enabling them to provide both at-home and remote healthcare.

When it comes to COVID-19, elderly people or adults who are 60 years and older are vulnerable to severe illness. Also, elderly ones with pre-existing medical conditions like lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension, are more susceptible as compared to other age groups.

You may be worried if you are caring for an elderly loved one who is at home. Home health aides help adults with activities of daily living, housekeeping, and companionship. Here are some guidelines you may need to know to keep elderly people at home safer, and what to do if they get infected with COVID-19.


Assessing the COVID-19 Risk in Elderly


If you have an elderly member in your family, it is pertinent that you run a risk assessment for CORONA infection. Any of the below will significantly increase the risk of COVID-19. Consult your home health care aide Bloomfield CT physician if they need to undergo a COVID screening test.

  1. Age 60 – 70, 70 – 80, and above 80 years can increase the risk.
  2. Co-morbid conditions like lung problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or any other immunodeficient condition.
  3. Being on immunosuppression medications like steroids, Methotrexate, etc.
  4. Coming in contact with a suspected, diagnosed case of COVID-19.


Mitigating COVID-19 Risk in Elderly


  1. Proper personal care aide for the elderly.
  2. Complete isolation of the elderly in a dedicated isolation room.
  3. Minimize elderly contacts with other members of the family.
  4. Avoid any outdoor activities for the elderly.
  5. Avoid any visitors for the family.
  6. Make sure they use masks to protect themselves from any risk exposure.


Addressing Pre-Existing Illness


To reduce any complication risk, it’s important to keep the pre-existing illness of the elderly ones in check:

  1.  Monitor their BP, sugar levels daily.
  2.  Ensure you have nebulizer, BIPAP, oxygen concentrator at home if you have an underlying lung condition.
  3. Ensure the stock of existing medications.
  4. Get their routine labs done as per the schedule.
  5. Report any new symptom as soon as possible.
  6. Do a telehealth consult frequently to keep a proactive watch on pre-existing illness.

COVID-19 is creating challenging scenarios for healthcare. One area that is positioned to see an increase in demand is the home care aide in East Hartford. The home health care aide services are essential to help the elderly and medically fragile patients to maintain their community independence.