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Identify The Signs When Your Older Or Aging Parent Needs More Care & Support?

Aging comes slowly in everyone’s life, and the older adults remain fine up to a particular stage. But after that, you probably begin to notice they remain forgetful, not responding well, or unstable on their feet. Seniors won’t admit or accept that they need help. Identifying the thing at an earlier stage and providing appropriate assistance is the right way to make their life safe and secure.

Adding our dedicated home health care assistance is a great way to get the older aged parents the support they need. We offer home health care to keep your aging parents as safe and independent as possible. We plan and provide a superior level of assistance based on their specific need. Let’s understand a few signs of your older or aging parents who need proper home health care assistance.

  • Messy home: Do you find piles or a mess of clutter, or stacks of unopened mail? Do you feel the floors need vacuuming, or the shelve or racks or counters need dusting? Lack of such essential housekeeping activity makes your home look messy. It can be a common sign indicating the tasks are becoming harder for your aging parent and need some care assistance.
  • Poor hygiene: Do you find your loved one takes showers less frequently? Do they feel trouble in moving to or from the bathroom? Are their clothes remaining unwashed? It’s an alert that your older parents need personal home health care support as soon as possible.
  • Mobility concerns: Have you ever noticed your senior has more trouble getting up from the bed or sitting position or navigating the stairs? In such a situation, most aged parents may not keep balance and need both hands to steady themselves. Mean aging brings a significant impact on their mobility, and they need some assistance.
  • Weight loss: It may become harder for your aging parent to prepare food for their appetite. They cannot plan and prepare the meals as they did earlier. You probably found spoiled food in their refrigerator or a lack of fresh food because they cannot move or prepare them or even eat on time! They also have trouble getting to and from the store to do their grocery shopping.
  • Memory complications: Dementia is common with aging and challenging when aging parents live alone. They may forget to take their medication or even take too much. Also, they may fail to pay past medical bills. They remain confused when you talk to them or ask them to do something. In Bloomfield, CT, our home health care plays a significant role in such a situation and does the best to streamline the living style.
  • Isolated living: Do you find your aging parent lost interest in things they used to enjoy or stop talking or meeting with friends? Do they like to spend a lot of time alone in their home? It could be due to depression, forgetfulness, or low moving ability. They need special care to stay away from such issues.

Do you find your aging parent displays signs that need additional support? First of all, you should often visit them! Partnering with our home health care agency in Bloomfield, CT, can also be beneficial. We can visit them as often as needed and give our best support when your loved one needs us more. We can assist with wake-up, bedtime routines, planning & preparing meals, running errands, light housekeeping, organizing the mail, and moving and outings. Our professional health care team can be an excellent source of companionship and conversation for your loved one.

Contact us today to know more about our senior caregiving services and schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you determine the best way to support your older aging parent’s needs.