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Professional Caregivers and Their Qualities Are Invaluable

Are you or your family member or friend getting ready to hire a professional elderly home care service in Bloomfield, CT? You must wish to select someone who will be a good fit for your loved one. It can be a big challenge to visualize your elderly parent’s home care service in Bloomfield, CT. Still, there are some significant traits to look for in an excellent professional caregiver. We are mentioning a few qualities of our senior home caregivers in Bloomfield, CT. It will help you decide something good while searching for the best elderly home care service for your parents.


Our responsible caregivers back us for elderly care services in the West Hartford area. Responsibility led us to work diligently and honestly caring for our clients. Every caregiver we have has specific client tasks. We are responsible caregivers attends to our regular tasks for which we step in but at the same tie, we are attentive to respond to other needs without a call. It entails dedication to client’s requirements and we always strive to stay on the top for all our service. We don’t mean to say responsibility means blaming other people when things don’t go well but take care to do everything well!


We are honest with our work and never take advantage of vulnerable clients. It is useless to hire even a reputed caregiver if they have no integrity. Hiring our elderly care service in West Hartford CT ensures to get a criminal background checked person with integrity. Our caregiver with integrity will report anything unusual or asked to do something outside our professional scope of practice.


Our team consists of dedicated professionals that pride in the elderly home care service and caregiving profession. All our care service providers are neat & clean in appearance, acting with respect, and well mannered. We never use language that is offensive or inappropriate. We did our job with professionalism, emotionally attached, and never crossed the line or accepted gifts or money. The right caregiver will ask their supervisor if they are unsure about what may be appropriate.


Sometimes taking care of a client’s most personal needs can get frustrating. Your family member might have dementia that causes agitation or significant memory loss. Our senior home care team in Bloomfield, CT, has a great patient to handle such a frustrating situation. Also, we never get panic in any urgent or challenging circumstances. The right caregiver can manage such emotions and handle clients when they get demanding and angry. We understand that this is a normal response to the loss of abilities.


Empathy is the human emotion to understand and share the feelings of another person. Aging sometimes entails the loss of independence, function. A right caregiver can empathize with these feelings, which helps make a stronger association with the client. Without empathy, it is very challenging to attach to elderly clients.


Every caregiver brings a set of skills to adjust to any caregiving situation. We have an outstanding senior home care team in Bloomfield, CT, who plays a pivotal role and adapt to any changing situation. We observe each of our clients and have the ability to work according to our client’s needs. We assess the situation, flexible to respond accordingly and adapt to the client’s personality.

Identifying and looking for these qualities in a professional caregiver help you find the right elderly home health care service for your parents in Bloomfield, CT. Our caregivers are the heart and soul of our company. We have a dedicated team of the very best caregivers that provide excellent elderly home care services and take care of your aging loved one. We ensure you will surely like our care, behavior, personality,. and we will not change your caregiver as long as you’re satisfied.

How Elderly People Can Stay Safe During the Corona Virus Pandemic

There have been several pandemic occurrences in the past that have shattered the globe, the most recent being the Covid-19 pandemic declared by the World Health Organization on March 12 (2020). This communicable infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus started as an epidemic & spread across the globe in a matter of months, resulting in the present pandemic.

Though not much is known regarding this pandemic, there stands one irrefutable fact amid the uncertainty: elderly people are the most vulnerable to this virus, particularly those with other underlying health issues. Case studies from Italy, China and other nations are the clear evident that those aged sixty and above are more vulnerable to corona virus. Elderly people are also more expected to have other underlying health issues such as heart disease and diabetes, which declines their body’s capability to fight communicable diseases.

As a responsible supplier of personal health care in Bloomfield CT here at Xcel Care, LLC we think it’s our responsibility to help senior citizens to stay away from this lethal Covid-19.

Social distancing is a must:

As senior citizens are more vulnerable to catch this infectious disease, they must give social distancing the first priority. Ask family members, neighbors, or your personal healthcare provider to help with chores that need you to leave home.

Avoid large gatherings and steer clear of physical contact like hugging or shaking hands. Keep at least one meter distance from other people. If you’ve to go out, don’t forget to put on a mask, steer clear of touching your face and wash your hands properly with soap once you come back home.

Abide by expert advice & guidelines:

As pandemics aren’t new to the globe, many best practices for action have been advocated by the World Health Organization.

Get yourself familiarized with these guidelines, and also those issued by the government.

For example, WHO offers detailed recommendation on how to wash your hands properly! Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need assistance to wash your hands properly, because of conditions like Parkinson’s disease or osteoarthritis.

Keep yourself up to date with latest findings about the disease:

With any epidemic, we must always keep ourselves up to date with the latest findings regarding the infection, particularly how it spreads & its symptoms.

Corona virus, for example, can be caught earlier by scrutinizing your temperature two times a day – a fever can be an early indication of the infection.

If you’ve a fever or difficulty breathing, look for medical attention instantly.

Reschedule doctor appointments:

Some healthcare experts recommend that senior people, who’re at risk, should rescind non-essential physician appointments, including wellness visits.

This is due to the fact there’s a higher odds of exposure to different contagious diseases at a healthcare facility.

Maintain your daily routine:

Following good habits like healthy eating, getting enough sleep, taking your supplements & medicines on time, and working out at home, is really important.