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Professional Caregivers and Their Qualities Are Invaluable

Are you or your family member or friend getting ready to hire a professional elderly home care service in Bloomfield, CT? You must wish to select someone who will be a good fit for your loved one. It can be a big challenge to visualize your elderly parent’s home care service in Bloomfield, CT. Still, there are some significant traits to look for in an excellent professional caregiver. We are mentioning a few qualities of our senior home caregivers in Bloomfield, CT. It will help you decide something good while searching for the best elderly home care service for your parents.


Our responsible caregivers back us for elderly care services in the West Hartford area. Responsibility led us to work diligently and honestly caring for our clients. Every caregiver we have has specific client tasks. We are responsible caregivers attends to our regular tasks for which we step in but at the same tie, we are attentive to respond to other needs without a call. It entails dedication to client’s requirements and we always strive to stay on the top for all our service. We don’t mean to say responsibility means blaming other people when things don’t go well but take care to do everything well!


We are honest with our work and never take advantage of vulnerable clients. It is useless to hire even a reputed caregiver if they have no integrity. Hiring our elderly care service in West Hartford CT ensures to get a criminal background checked person with integrity. Our caregiver with integrity will report anything unusual or asked to do something outside our professional scope of practice.


Our team consists of dedicated professionals that pride in the elderly home care service and caregiving profession. All our care service providers are neat & clean in appearance, acting with respect, and well mannered. We never use language that is offensive or inappropriate. We did our job with professionalism, emotionally attached, and never crossed the line or accepted gifts or money. The right caregiver will ask their supervisor if they are unsure about what may be appropriate.


Sometimes taking care of a client’s most personal needs can get frustrating. Your family member might have dementia that causes agitation or significant memory loss. Our senior home care team in Bloomfield, CT, has a great patient to handle such a frustrating situation. Also, we never get panic in any urgent or challenging circumstances. The right caregiver can manage such emotions and handle clients when they get demanding and angry. We understand that this is a normal response to the loss of abilities.


Empathy is the human emotion to understand and share the feelings of another person. Aging sometimes entails the loss of independence, function. A right caregiver can empathize with these feelings, which helps make a stronger association with the client. Without empathy, it is very challenging to attach to elderly clients.


Every caregiver brings a set of skills to adjust to any caregiving situation. We have an outstanding senior home care team in Bloomfield, CT, who plays a pivotal role and adapt to any changing situation. We observe each of our clients and have the ability to work according to our client’s needs. We assess the situation, flexible to respond accordingly and adapt to the client’s personality.

Identifying and looking for these qualities in a professional caregiver help you find the right elderly home health care service for your parents in Bloomfield, CT. Our caregivers are the heart and soul of our company. We have a dedicated team of the very best caregivers that provide excellent elderly home care services and take care of your aging loved one. We ensure you will surely like our care, behavior, personality,. and we will not change your caregiver as long as you’re satisfied.

Benefits of Senior Home Health Care Bloomfield CT during COVID-19

Home health care is gaining huge traction during the community transmission phase of COVID-19. Covid-19 has expanded the market for home healthcare providers, enabling them to provide both at-home healthcare and remote home healthcare Bloomfield.

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm by affecting every sphere and region of it. It has affected every age-group, and senior citizens are at a greater risk of this virus. COVID-19 has shown that how home healthcare Bloomfield CT is a valuable service that can help seniors remain safe amid this pandemic.

Elderly home healthcare services focus on non-medical services that can help seniors remain healthy at home. The services are mostly rendered when a senior does not want to move to an assisted nursing or living home or is discharged from the hospital. However, COVID-19 has helped prove that Connecticut senior home care is effective at keeping seniors safe and healthy.

Vulnerabilities of Senior Citizens in COVID-19

Advancement in age comes with several health complications and reduced resistance to pathogens. Strong immunity is highly required during this global pandemic phase. Immunity level declines with age, and this is the reason why Coronavirus is said to take a toll on senior citizens more.

1. Chronic diseases
2. Reduced power of identifying pathogens
3. Cardiovascular diseases
4. Reduction of infection-fighting cells, I.e., white blood cells

Significance of Home Healthcare Services for Senior Citizens:

CT home health care is a unique system of care that is developed specifically for seniors as well as other patients who cannot go to hospitals to take medical assistance. Personal healthcare services are provided by skilled and certified physicians and practitioners to patients in the comfort of their homes’ environment.

Home healthcare services include various kind of services, including:

  • Illness-Specific Care
  • Daily Care Services
  • Primary Nursing Care
  • Medical Social Services

The ultimate motive behind the above-mentioned services is to take care of patients with care and compassion. These are responsible for the improvement of the standard of living of thousands of senior citizens who were dependent on others for their simple daily tasks.

Safe and Sound Environment

No environment is better than a home surrounding among your loved ones. Be at the comfort of your home with the best home healthcare facilities from certified doctors and physicians. It can get really safe for senior citizen patients that they do not have to visit hospitals or clinics. They will be provided with quality care at home.

During such a global pandemic situation, home health care Bloomfield CT services are highly recommended for senior citizens to avoid the risk of getting infected with the Coronavirus.

Home Health Care Aide Bloomfield CT Considerations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing people into isolation, it’s a good time to take into consideration of the emotional as well as physical health of your family. As per experts, the pandemic has changed the way the home health care aide Bloomfield CT works and the standard operating procedures and the services it offers. It has expanded the market for home healthcare providers, enabling them to provide both at-home and remote healthcare.

When it comes to COVID-19, elderly people or adults who are 60 years and older are vulnerable to severe illness. Also, elderly ones with pre-existing medical conditions like lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension, are more susceptible as compared to other age groups.

You may be worried if you are caring for an elderly loved one who is at home. Home health aides help adults with activities of daily living, housekeeping, and companionship. Here are some guidelines you may need to know to keep elderly people at home safer, and what to do if they get infected with COVID-19.


Assessing the COVID-19 Risk in Elderly


If you have an elderly member in your family, it is pertinent that you run a risk assessment for CORONA infection. Any of the below will significantly increase the risk of COVID-19. Consult your home health care aide Bloomfield CT physician if they need to undergo a COVID screening test.

  1. Age 60 – 70, 70 – 80, and above 80 years can increase the risk.
  2. Co-morbid conditions like lung problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or any other immunodeficient condition.
  3. Being on immunosuppression medications like steroids, Methotrexate, etc.
  4. Coming in contact with a suspected, diagnosed case of COVID-19.


Mitigating COVID-19 Risk in Elderly


  1. Proper personal care aide for the elderly.
  2. Complete isolation of the elderly in a dedicated isolation room.
  3. Minimize elderly contacts with other members of the family.
  4. Avoid any outdoor activities for the elderly.
  5. Avoid any visitors for the family.
  6. Make sure they use masks to protect themselves from any risk exposure.


Addressing Pre-Existing Illness


To reduce any complication risk, it’s important to keep the pre-existing illness of the elderly ones in check:

  1.  Monitor their BP, sugar levels daily.
  2.  Ensure you have nebulizer, BIPAP, oxygen concentrator at home if you have an underlying lung condition.
  3. Ensure the stock of existing medications.
  4. Get their routine labs done as per the schedule.
  5. Report any new symptom as soon as possible.
  6. Do a telehealth consult frequently to keep a proactive watch on pre-existing illness.

COVID-19 is creating challenging scenarios for healthcare. One area that is positioned to see an increase in demand is the home care aide in East Hartford. The home health care aide services are essential to help the elderly and medically fragile patients to maintain their community independence.

Age Is Just a Number: Mesothelioma Surgery for Elderly Patients

In almost any explanation of mesothelioma treatment options, there is a clause. The routes available depends on numerous factors, one of which is age. This clause — that age, among other factors, could limit treatment — is usually specific to just one option: surgery.

A study published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology suggests that age might be the most often-used factor when determining if a patient is eligible for mesothelioma surgery.

Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer for which there are already limited treatments. Removing the most effective one just because of a person’s age? We at Mesothelioma Guide hope surgeons and doctors consider far more than just that number.

In Review: Mesothelioma Treatment for Elderly Patients

The study involved examining the National Cancer Database for all patients at least 80 years old with recently diagnosed nonmetastatic malignant pleural mesothelioma. In other words, the patients’ disease is in its early stages and hasn’t spread to vital organs — but it could, and likely will, if untreated.

The researchers found 4,526 patients who met the criteria and looked into the treatment approach used for each. According to the study’s results, which was published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

  • Just 2% of the patients had surgery (likely pleurectomy with decortication) plus chemotherapy
  • Around 13% had just surgery
  • 22% had only chemotherapy
  • 63% were “observed,” meaning they didn’t receive any curative treatment


The average age of pleural mesothelioma patients is 72 — the disease is more likely to impact the elderly than many other forms of cancer — and restricting these patients to chemotherapy or nothing is usually an early death sentence.


The median survival times were:

  • 1 month for those observed
  • 5 months for those receiving just chemotherapy
  • 2 months for those undergoing surgery and chemotherapy


By comparison, the figures for pleural mesothelioma patients under 80 years old were:

  • 17% only underwent surgery or had surgery and chemotherapy (median survival of 17.7 months)
  • 47% had just chemotherapy (median survival of 12.2 months)
  • 36% were just observed (median survival of 6.6 months)


More to the Story for Mesothelioma Treatment

The argument against elderly patients having surgery — or even chemotherapy — is that their bodies may not be strong enough. Other complications may arise due to surgery. However, not every 81- or 82-year-old patient has the same health. One may have poor nutrition or other health concerns. Another could be a former marathon runner who eats healthy and exercises regularly.

While the study says the 90-day mortality rate for those having mesothelioma surgery was 28.5%, this figure does not consider the quality of patient selection. As author Justin Karush says on the Society of Surgical Oncology website, “When selecting patients with mesothelioma for surgery, it is paramount to consider the ability to offer adjuvant treatment.”

Additionally, a survival time enhanced by 200% — the difference, according to the study, between no curative treatment and surgery plus chemotherapy — could be enough reward to take the risk.

Quality of Life Due to Surgery

For people with peritoneal mesothelioma, the benefits of surgery are just as great — if not greater. A study published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology reviewed the quality of life in 46 patients who underwent cytoreductive surgery with heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC). The median survival of these patients was 3.4 years, and 36.5% lived for at least five years.

By comparison, only 18% of peritoneal patients in general live for at least five years, and the life expectancy of elderly patients with this disease is at most two years. While there are similar risks associated with elderly patients undergoing cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC, the increased survival time is relevant.

So is the increased quality of life. The study suggests that patients who underwent surgery experienced improved emotional well-being and social functioning, fewer emotional issues and less pain. The study concluded, “(Quality of life) returned to baseline or improved from baseline between three months and one year following surgery. Despite the risks associated with this operation, patients may tolerate HIPEC well and have good overall (quality of life) postoperatively.”

Unfortunately, many elderly mesothelioma patients will never get the chance to enjoy that improved quality of life since the general assumption is they should stay away from the operating room. That’s a discouraging one in the medical industry, and one we at Mesothelioma Guide hope changes going forward.

Note to Mesothelioma Patients and Their Loved Ones

If you’re a newly diagnosed mesothelioma patient, we are on your side and will do anything possible to help you through this difficult time. Most importantly, we can help you find the best treatment available.

Our patient advocate and registered nurse, Jenna Campagna, is the No. 1 resource for learning more about mesothelioma. She also can refer you to a mesothelioma specialist with a track record of success in helping patients live long past the average prognosis. Email her jenna@mesotheliomaguide.com to begin your path to recovery.

About the Writer, Devin Golden

Devin Golden

Devin Golden is the content writer for Mesothelioma Guide. He produces mesothelioma-related content on various mediums, including the Mesothelioma Guide website and social media channels. Devin’s objective is to translate complex information regarding mesothelioma into informative, easily absorbable content to help patients and their loved ones.

Source from: https://www.mesotheliomaguide.com/

Stay Protected From Coronavirus (COVID-19) That Spread Rapidly Across the World

Everyone agrees that the world is suffering from the deadly COVID-19 Pandemics disease. The widespread occurrence of COVID-19 disease began as an epidemic in China and makes its invisible journey around the world in a matter of a couple of months and becoming a pandemic. Outbreaks of these diseases across international borders have the potential to kill million people worldwide. This is an infectious disease that is passing effortlessly from person to person in many parts of the world at the same time. Thanks to our advances and experienced Personal Health Care team in Bloomfield CT that takes the best precautionary measures to stabilize the potential health risk among seniors.

Pandemics can cause sudden, widespread. Establishing relationships with our Private Health Care service in Bloomfield CT can be the only alternative to make your loved one’s lifestyle safe and secure. We ensure you know about healthcare and public health emergency planning and response activities in your community. We give you continuous health updates and keep the emergency contact lists of local or state health department to reach your local or state health department in an emergency.

Large-scale outbreaks of infectious COVID-19 Pandemics disease widespread, significantly to enhance the mortality over so many geographic areas and cause significant social disruption. We communicate with staff and patients regarding COVID-19. We share information about what is currently known about COVID-19, the potential for surge, and your facility’s preparation plans. We also make the change in our caring policies regarding appointments, non-urgent patient care plans, and share updates to make your life easy and safe from such COVID-19 Pandemics disease. Our Home Health Care in Bloomfield CT follows the best protective major to treat your loved one.

Once a pandemic has started, a coordinated response should be implemented, focusing on the maintenance of situational awareness, public health messaging, reduction of transmission, and care for and treatment of the ill. Our Personal Health Care in Bloomfield CT understands your situation, develop, or review, your facility’s emergency plan. We also understand that the COVID-19 outbreak in your community could lead to staff absenteeism. So we help you prepare the best alternative staffing plans to ensure your loved one will remain safe and secure for a healthy life.

How do you protect yourself?

Medical experts say that using face masks may not be sufficient to provide adequate protection. The best practice is regular and thorough hand washing, preferably with hand sanitizer, soap, and water. Cover your face while coughing and sneezing.

Getting direct contact with infectious secretions (sputum, serum, blood, and respiratory droplets) of a patient with COVID-19 can be the prime cause of infection exposure. Coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs small droplets that are packed with the virus spread into the air. Anyone breathes in the air or gets connected with such in any form or touch the surface where they have landed on will cause an infection. Basically, you will get infected through your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Infectious COVID-19 Pandemics disease infects the lungs. It shows the symptoms that start with a mild fever, followed by a dry cough, which can lead to breathing problems. We suggest you coughing and sneezing into tissues, not to touch your face with unwashed hands, and avoid close contact with infected people. This precautionary major will be a crucial aid for limiting the spread of infectious COVID-19 Pandemics disease.

Our Personal Health Care personnel in Bloomfield CT are always on the front lines for caring patients with the confirmed or possible infection that is the terrifying coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)! Therefore we have an increased risk of exposure to this virus. We encourage sick employees to stay at home. We advise our caregivers who develop respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, not to report to work. We make you stay up-to-date on the best ways to manage our clients to stay away from COVID-19. We create strategies to prevent patients who can be cared for at home. We can minimize their risk of exposure when caring for confirmed or possible COVID-19 patients- so that they won’t be exposed to others.

If you have unprotected exposure to a confirmed or possible COVID-19 patient, contact our expert Personal Health Care in Bloomfield CT immediately.

What Are The Qualities Of A Kindhearted Caregiver

Being the caregiver of a senior person can be pretty satisfying, but it takes a certain frame of mind to be the best caregiver. Above all, a caregiver should be kindhearted. This means the caregiver has a caring heart & seeks out resources to enhance their quality of care.

To offer quality health care in Bloomfield CT, a caregiver should also have the following qualities:

Patience: Taking care of an elderly person requires a positive approach & compassion. It is easy to feel impatience when you hear the same story again and again, or if your client won’t finish their meals. When you feel you are losing your patience or becoming frustrated, take a step back to cool down yourself. Patience is not an overnight skill, and it requires practice. It is all right to feel frustrated or annoyed at times, but letting this emotional anger builds up is not great for the caregiver. Being tolerant means taking a deep breath when things are not happening as expected and emphasizing the positive side instead.

Respectful: While attending the personal care requirements of an elderly person, such as helping him or her dress or use the bathroom, can be a tough adjustment. While this is natural, remember that your elderly client could also feel uneasy or frustrated at their lack of ability to perform those tasks by their own. When helping with personal care tasks, it’s critical for the caregiver to remain composed & polite.

Diplomacy: Converse in a kind way, with a pleasing tone & body language. Don’t raise your eyebrow if you don’t need to. Set up yourself for some taxing interactions with your senior clients, even for apparently minor things such as meal or activity preferences.

Attentiveness: Observing the slight changes in a senior’s mental or physical state requires some attention & precise record keeping. This is an excellent quality when it’s about remembering to refill medicines, preventing elderly clients from wandering off & getting lost, having meals ready, and being reliable.

Self-Care: It may be astounding to know that self-care is pretty vital as a caregiver, as this quality helps you get recharged when taking care of your elderly clients. It is critical to know your limits and to know that asking for assistance is not an indication of weakness. If you feel guilty for mistakes you have made as a caregiver, learn to forgive yourself & try to do better in the coming days.

For most dependable home health care in Bloomfield, CT, you can count on Xcel Care. We offer personal health care services to children, adults, patients with dementia, patient with Alzhimer’s and physical limitations. Feel free to reach us on 860 874 8970.

Get the Proper Care Assistance to Ease Senior’s Life with Specializing Home Care Agency

Do you know what to do when some of your loved ones need special care due to aging or many other reasons alike? Specialized home care agency in Bloomfield CT is essential while taking care of their daily activities from morning to night! Are you considering senior home care agency for yourself or an aging parent? Working with our home care agency in Bloomfield CT will entrust you getting excellent care for your loved ones inside your home.

We are the reputable home care agency in Bloomfield CT known to keep the best caregivers in the industry. For this, we are also gone through an extensive screening process for potential employees. It includes a thorough interview process, reference checks, and criminal background check as well. It helps and ensuring us hiring honest, dependable, and professional staff. Our home care agencies are also fully insured for the team for liability and dishonesty. It is an advantage for your protection as well.

The quality of our home care agency in CT comes down to handle the individual, regardless of the situation. We can schedule a meeting with you and your loved one to review the situation and prepare the appropriate caring plan of action as well as finding the suitable caregiver. We undertake a due diligence process, ensuring you provide experienced and qualified caregivers who take pride in offering excellent care. The caregiver’s works with our senior home care agency in CT are working for years, and their proven track records are verified as well. If you are unhappy with the caring quality of our home care agency, you can immediately request a replacement of a caring worker.

We are reputable home care agencies in Bloomfield CT, and we maintain enough staffs to accommodate a client’s changing or increasing needs. We also will cover if any of our caregivers fall in sick. Also, we can manage the changes in schedule, unanticipated absences, vacations, or more complex care recipient challenges. Along with that, our senior home care service can handle more advanced home healthcare needs if and when the situation arises.

We selected and appointed the best caregivers in the industry and paid them directly. Our caregiver will come to your home entrusted your loved one with their excellent care as well. Thus it will eliminate most of the risks and responsibilities and saving the client from a multitude of duties. We also give our caregivers the coverage if the caregiver is injured on the job. The types of care offered by our senior home care agencies in Bloomfield CT range from companionship and help with daily activities. It may include shopping and errands, to advanced home health care, such as injections or wound care or many more things alike.

Xcel Care, LLC is a trusted and recognized home care agency in Bloomfield CT work to offer a reliable and low-stress caring environment for the health and safety of clients. All their caregivers are trusted experts that provide quality and world-class senior home care service. For more information, contact us and call our executives on 860-874-8970 or 860-874-8969 today!

Home Health Care in Bloomfield CT: Aiding Mental and Physical Recovery with Companionship

Do you have a patient that just had a successful surgery? Letting the patient heal at a hospital during the post-surgery phase can come with huge financial responsibilities. Moreover, such patients can hardly get the emotional support they need when they are confined to a spot. Therefore, it’s best to continue their recovery therapy at home as long as you can hire a caregiver. Fortunately, you can get the needed support from one whenever you call in for a home health care agency service.

Using home health care in Bloomfield CT has quite a number of benefits. Do you want to speed up the recovery of a loved one under your care? Here are some of the highlights of sticking with home health care in Bloomfield CT.

1. Affordability
Offsetting expensive medical bills on a daily basis for a senior can drain you emotionally. The fact is that you have other financial commitments which may likely suffer because of neglect. Therefore, the best option for you is to seek alternative recovery schemes that won’t cost you a fortune. Fortunately, you can hire caregivers who can help you look after a patient in your home. With the help of home health care in Bloomfield CT, you rest assured of cutting medical expenses drastically. After all, the same recovery care that you can provide at home is similar to the ones at hospitals.

2. Assistance
If you still have seniors to look after, it’s best to hire caregivers on their behalf. Fortunately, seniors need some form of exercises to keep fit. Therefore, they may decide to engage in some light home chores before you arrive. The fact is that your seniors may not have the strength to keep up with the chores. On this occasion, the best thing to do is to use a caregiver’s service. As a matter of fact, caregivers from the home health care agency can assist your seniors with light chores.

Finally, there is no restriction in hiring caregivers for seniors that are alone. Perhaps, you have kids that you can barely look after because of your commitment to your career. You don’t have to deprive your family of emotional support when you can opt for a home health care service. Even when you have a patient that needs to recover from an illness, caregivers can hasten their recovery. On this note, you can make a call today to begin the delegations of your emotional duties to a caregiver. After all, you want to give your loved ones the best form of care.

Home Health Care -Why People Hire Trusted Health Care Agency in Bloomfield, CT

Home health care is a booming industry! With a plethora of highly-specific care service, our health care agency caters the unique needs of the senior people. Home health services are readily available across the nation, and we can provide you the home care assistance in a highly professional and compassionate manner. Learn about what makes people hire our home health care and get a few information about how we benefit our senior clients!

For senior citizens, home health care services are the best alternative than staying in nursing care facilities. Senior citizens gracefully remain at home and are assure of soothing, and encouraging environment that is both familiar and comfortable to them. Seniors in their at-home aging experience or people undergoing the aging process can be assured of their safety with our home health care in Bloomfield CT. Our health care agency in Bloomfield CT is readily available to assist seniors and care for their overall comfort. We support the seniors in maintaining their independence while receiving the appropriate level of supportive care.

With a far less expensive way, the seniors receive our care service as if they are in a hospital setting. The home health care agency can customize the health care process and make it perfect for your need. With the support of our skilled nurses and caregivers, we fulfill the individual needs of seniors. We conduct the consultation and do proper planning concerning the number of visits scheduled, level of service required for ailments and assistance with different tasks.

Benefits of making use of our home health care service

• Support the occupational and physical therapy for post-surgery patients
• Support people to stay at home than staying in a rehabilitation setting.
• Conveniently schedule the visits with highly skilled caring staffs
• Care within the comforts of your own home with
• Availability of professionally trained and experienced teams that can use high-tech medical equipment and its administration.
• We provide specialized training and resources to meet the needs of a diverse clientele
• Managing fall prevention, emergency preparation, infection control, ADLs, and cultural sensitivity in a proficient manner is our specialty.
• Adapt to your home environment and making your living space safer, comfortable, and easily accessible.
• Our health care in Bloomfield CT is more affordable than hospital-setting or skilled nursing facilities.
• We curtail your hospital visit frequencies and promote health, healing, and overall happiness
• Our home health care helps to relieve and comfort the stresses involved in the aging process.
• We deal with each case professionally and compassionately and provide peace of mind to both the patient and their families.

We are the leader in home healthcare service provider with award-winning caring services in Bloomfield CT. We offer various home health care services and keep on adding more care services with a vision to bring world-class medical care in our client’s home. For further information or consultation get in touch with us at 860-874-8970 or 860-874-8969 today!